Committees & Sections

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The Worcester County Bar Association's standing, special standing, and ad hoc committees examine specific areas of importance to the association. The sections of the WCBA sponsor educational programs, follow legislation of interest to the section and publish newsletter articles periodically throughout the year. Membership in committees and sections is open to all interested members of the Worcester County Bar Association. You may join at any time of the year.

The chairs of all committees and sections of the WCBA are appointed by the current president of the association for a one-year term. Terms expire on August 31st of each year.

Members of the Worcester County Bar Association who are not currently enrolled in a committee or section of the WCBA, may fill out our online committee preference sheet from this site. You may also e-mail us at

Standing Committees

Committee on Professional Responsibility

Roy A. Bourgeois - 

Damien D. Berthiaume -

Committee on Services to the Poor and Homeless - TBA

District Court Committee

James C. Bradbury -

Timothy W. Murphy -

Federal District Court Committee

Leonardo A. Angiulo -

Hon. Timothy S. Hillman -

Finance Committee

Michael P. Angelini -

Housing Court Committee

Henry B. Raphaelson -

Juvenile Court Committee

Keith T. Higgins -

Donald G. Xenos -

Law Day Committee

Richard J. Rafferty, Jr. -

Lawyer Referral Service Committee

Scott R. Davis -

New Membership Committee

Richard R. Rafferty, Jr., -


Probate Court Committee - TBA


Superior Court Committee - TBA


Worker's Compensation Committee

Christine G. Narcisse -

Jane Eden -

Special Standing Committees

By-Law Committee

Robert E. Longden -

Fee Arbitration Committee

William D. Jalkut -

Government Relations Committee

Anthony J. Vigliotti -

Kevin M. Gould - 

Insurance Committee - TBA



Alternative Dispute Resolution Section

Carolyn M. Mitchell -

Mark I. Zarrow -

Bankruptcy Law Section

David R. Chenelle -

Wendy M. Mead -

Criminal Law Section - TBA


Family Law Section

Kathryn A. Calo -

Neil S. Davis -

Labor and Employment Law Section

Ryan P. Avery - 


Municipal Law Section -  TBA


Real Estate Law Section

Kathryn A. Toomey -

Nicole S. Trani -


Tax, Trusts & Estates Section - TBA

Trial Practice Section - TBA

Woman Lawyers Section

 Jennifer Arnieri -

Young Lawyers Section

Cassandra Arriaza -

Kanchana Fernando -




Other Programs & Committees

Council of Presidents

Paul M. Sushchyk -

Editor of Legal Lines

Brian J. Buckley -

Grant Review Committee

Blaise P. Berthiaume -