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Don't miss out on committee/section participation for the upcoming fiscal year starting September 1, 2015.  Enrollment is now open for WCBA members to sign-up for committee and section involvement.  From this site, click the tab at the top that is labeled "committees and sections"; fill out the outline committee preference form; hit the submit button and you will be all set. It's that simple!



The Worcester County Bar Association has a statewide reputation for its collegiality, active involvement in both legal and community affairs, and for maintaining a strong leadership role within the legal community.  The Worcester County Bar Association is your local association and membership offers you the opportunity to be part of this highly respected organization.

It is time to ask our members for their continued support by renewing your annual membership.  Renewal statements have been mailed to each of our members during the first week of August.  If you have any questions on membership, your renewal notice, or you wish to join us for the first time, please do not hesitate to contact the WCBA office at 508-752-1311.  Please follow the tab at the top to our member benefit page.  

The officers of the WCBA effective September 1, 2015 are as follows:

Paul M. Sushchyk, President
Edward P. Ryan, Jr., President-Elect
Anthony J. Vigliotti, Secretary/Treasurer
Gina M. Wilson, Past-President

Executive Committee Members:

Lawrence F. Army, Jr.
Jennifer Arnieri
Michael D. Badger
Padgett D. Berthiaume
Roy A. Bourgeois
Mary Casey
Mark A. Goldstein
Michael S. Hussey
Stephen F. Madaus
Ann E. Meilus
Lynette Paczkowski
Stephen J. Philbin
John A. Shea
Philip M. Stone
Mark P. Wickstrom 


Seminar materials from some of the programs that were sponsored this past year are available in the member only area of this site.  In addition, some of the programs are available as a podcast.  Log-in and you will have access to the program materials and podcasts. 


As a WCBA member you have access to our Mentor Program. We have over 75 experienced attorneys covering a wide variety of practice areas. These attorneys are available to assist you with questions you may have within a particular practice area, practical advice, and/or information on law office management, etc.

If you are a current member of the Worcester County Bar Association and you wish to utilize the services of this program, contact the WCBA office at 508-752-1311 and we will be happy to provide you with the name of an attorney to assist you. It's that simple!


FY 2015 Sustaining Members

Carl D. Aframe
Stephen R. Anderson
Gregory J. Angelini
Michael P. Angelini
Robert J. Arakelian
Michael Badger
Berliner Law
Bernstein & Stern, LLC
Berthiaume & Berthiaume
Stephen J. Brown
Kevin T. Byrne
Jennie L. Caissie
Christopher, Hays, Wojcik & Mavricos, LLP
James F. Connors
Hon. John J. Conte
James F. Cosgrove, Esq.
Kevin M. David
Robert F. Dore, Jr.
Fletcher Tilton, P.C.
Francis A. Ford
Patrick A. Fox
Hon. Andre A. Gelinas (ret.)
Geoffrey R. German
Marcia Green (Doyle)
Hassett & Donnelly, P.C.
Deirdre Healy
Jan L. (Najemy) Heinrichs
Timothy S. Hillman
Margaret J. Hurley
Martin B. Kallio, Jr., Esq.
John F. Keenan
Ellyn Lazar-Moore
Mark Twombly Lee Counsellor at Law P.C. 
Leland Law Associates, P.C.
Joseph Lian, Jr. 
Lian Zarrow
Robert E. Longden
William J. Luby
Jonathan Mannina
Hon. John S. McCann (retired)
Mirick O'Connell
Carolyn M. Mitchell
Richard A. Morocco, Esq.
Murray & Murray, LLP
Nickless, Phillips & O'Connor
O'Connell & O'Connell, P.C.
O'Connor & Ryan, P.C.
Gene O'Donnell
Anna R. Phillips
Hon. Ed Reynolds
Richard Ricker
Roncone Law Offices
Alan Leslie Rosenfield
Sbrogna & Brunelle, LLP
Seder & Chandler, LLP
Timothy J. Smyth
Philip M. Stone
Law Offices of Nicole D. Sullivan & Associates, P.C.
Paul M. Sushchyk
Tashjian Simsarian LLP
Polly A. Tatum
Christopher M. Tully
Richard C. Van Nostrand
Anthony J. Vigliotti
Wickstrom Morse, LLP
Atty. John P. Zacchilli

To become a sustaining member, please contact
the WCBA office at 508-752-1311.